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Click “play” for audio samples of the songs below. Visit YouTube for videos of Jonathn Ashe live performances.

1. Classical Gas ​​

2. In My Life

3. We Can Work It Out

4. The Perfect Song  

​     ​​Jonathn Ashe

​           Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Entertainer,

         Band  Leader

Check out my latest album "Feels Like Spring", available on iTunes: 

1.     Feels Like Spring

2.    Just Let the Music Make You Happy

3.    Brandy

4.    Isn't That the Kind of People

5.    The Way You Do the Things You Do

6.    Moonlite Guarantee

7.    It's About Love

8.    Follow

9.    Johnny B. Goode

10.  Abraham, Martin and John

11.   Baby Don't Walk

12.  I love This Time of Year (Christmas Song)


First Thursday of every month...

The Twisted Tail

509 S. 2nd Street

Phila., Pa. 


SATURDAY, March 26th ... 3pm

Aristaeus Brewery

Langhorne, Pa.

THURSDAY, April 7th ... 6pm
The Twisted Tail

509 S. 2nd Street

Phila, Pa.

SATURDAY, April 16th ... 3 - 6pm

Aristaeus Brewery

Langhorne, Pa.

SATURDAY, May 14th ... 3 - 6pm

Aristeus Brewery

Langhorne, Pa.

SATURDAY, June 11th ... 3 - 6pm

Aristeus Brewery

​Langhorne, Pa. 

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